Friday, 6 August 2010


Glenn and I went on a small trip to York together
I cannot express to you how much I wanted
time to freeze and to stay there longer .
train tickets home :( boo hoo

loved this shade in the Evil eye bar <3

this is a small bit of the wall behind the bar it
was full of drink i have not seen in other places
there is a little devil bottle four in second from the top
we spend forever trying to guess what was in it
turns out its vodka ...i was kind of hoping
for something better ??

I was laughing when I seen this little
dog tied to the bags guarding them

Tiny crab cakes in the window of Bettys
tea shop in the shambles that i adored !
i had to take a photo !

this made glenn laugh :)

i loved thease strip lights that led
in to the bar i just told you about
we had walked past it a number of times
during our trip not noticing it
untill we found it on our phones later

a stone gargoyle pulling a face they were all over York

the cathedral , ive seen it a number of
times but it never stops taking your breath away !

glenn on the bridge ...on his phone as usual :P

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