Monday, 6 June 2011

Its been a while...

I am sorry for not posting for a really long time (thats if anyone even reads this) ,

I havent been well for ages and keep getting bad heads so i cant really stay on the computor long.
Also I do more blogging on tumblr from my phone because its easy .

anyways heres some stuff from the last few days ...

This is from The Script , i bought glenn the tickets for his birthday
and we went what seems like ages ago later :) i was amazed at how many people were there .

I got some Vivienne Westwood shoes for my birthday from glenn and my second cousins wanted to try them on ,

all my cousins have been having kids recently ,

but im only 20 so i wont be doing the same anytime soon .

This was a bit of a mistake really because they were jumping around in
the garden in them and got soil and grass all over them :/ no bother though cos i just cleaned them hahah !

Glenn and i had gone out for a meal and i seen this i think its so cute .
from spoon to hand :) It has become a running joke between
us and we sometimes just randomly say it to make the other smile :)

I dunno why but my mum made me this for my birthday ?
i t was thick and ritch, not really my thing i think she just made
it for herself and then was like ....oh yeah its for you :P

At my birthday meal i took some meat balls home fom my dinner
because i still wasnt feeling too well and could not eat it all :(
i thought it as funny that they wrote this on the container though.

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