Saturday, 14 April 2012

WhiteHouse farm

one of santas little helpers?

Little donkey !

Me feeding the baby below ! so cute !

A lamb a few days old rejected by its mother, needing to be bottle fed.
it felt so soft and it was so cute ! , a highlight of my day !

Lovely little lambs

I love horses !

Ponies , the one on the right i actually met like 13 years ago
when i went with my gran and aunty , i'll see if i can find the photo.

Talking parrot ! "HELLO ...HELLO!"

My fave goat! so gently eating from my hand.

My hands as i hold a chick ! (notice all the children
in the background , i was like the only person over 10
there that was totally in to this whole animals and farm thing.
running about like OMG!)

A tiny baby bunny !

Another baby !

A Meercat ? that I later fed worms!

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  1. aw so cute! you've made me really want to go now! x